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Entrepreneurs & Startups

Accounting Solutions for Entrepreneurs & Startups

For many entrepreneurs, managing your company’s finances and taxes can be a full-time endeavor—not to mention keeping up with the impact that being a business owner can have on personal finances. Our team of financial experts supports you with accounting, tax and consulting services to a wide range of service-based businesses. We’ve been there and done that, so we just get it

We will guide you through the startup phase, provide valuable tax planning advice, and help you optimize your accounting structure. We’ll also ensure that your personal finances are on track and that you are taking full advantage of any potential tax savings related to your unique situation. And, as your business grows, so can our services. You aren’t just hiring an accountant, you are making a conscious investment in your new venture that will allow you to own a business and not a job! Look no further than our team to deliver comprehensive, affordable solutions that allow you to focus on growing your business—not day-to-day financial management. After all, you didn’t start your business because you we passionate about accounting and tax, did you?

BOSS is the answer to your back office headaches. Our cloud-based solution enables you to hand complex accounting tasks over to us. We work the numbers while providing you 24/7 access to your data—and all at a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

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What our clients are saying...

  • In hiring LongwoodCPA, I was seeking guidance, not only for the filing of my tax returns, but to gain information and knowledge to assist me in making the financial and tax decisions...
    - Raymond P. Kloepper II, MD
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  • As a result of our firm’s relationship with LongwoodCPA, I have spent way, way less time worrying about and sifting through my firm’s books...
    - Ted Rich, Principal
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  • The staff at LongwoodCPA focuses on their areas of expertise and is always willing to refer us to another, often non-accounting related, resource to achieve our goals...
    - Patrick Buchanan, CFP, ChFC, CLU, President
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